Why you need help with your change management initiative

roadmap for changeOrganizations that are progressive, competitive, expanding or just needing to be compliant are implementing changes to the way they function, all the time. Quite often we see changes being made to: information systems, work methods, customer service, inventory control, working culture, and performance management. Time is a rare commodity, so these changes need to be done efficiently and with employee buy-in.

There are five reasons why you should involve a change management advisor.
1. A third-party perspective
You and your senior team may be too close to it. There may be biased opinions about the planned change or your team may have biased opinions about those that will be exposed to the change. You don’t want to throw a significant change into the mix of other political or sensitive working relationships. An advisor can bring a pure “big picture” view with objectivity.

2. The time commitment
You are too busy with your regular day-to-day functions and at times, I am sure, overloaded. A change project requires focussed attention on assessing, evaluating, planning, communicating, monitoring, coaching, and reporting. For change projects to be successful, they require 100% priority, focus, and time commitment, which is rarely possible without dropping the ball on your other job responsibilities.

3. A specialized skill set
It is unlikely that you have someone in your organization that has the broad skill set required to be the champion of a change project. The task requires experience in big picture planning, short-term execution, project planning, communication, leadership and coaching skills, conflict resolution, and some knowledge of all aspects of the business that is touched by the change.

4. Avoiding a repeat of previous failed change initiatives
R4C Change advisors have a formal methodology in the form of a roadmap and various assessments that have been proven successful in teaching those involved with any change initiative, to follow a strategically designed sequence of events that will result in a project’s success. Change advisors will analyse details surrounding any bad experiences of previous change program attempts, and recommend actions to prevent their reoccurrence.

5. Accurately Assessing organizational readiness
There may be some current factors internal or external to your organization that tells our advisors that your chances for success are low right now. We may recommend minor actions be taken prior to the commencement of your change initiative, in order to improve your chances for success.

You quite often you only get one chance to implement your change initiative while having a good chance at employee buy-in, respect and commitment. Since you will be affecting other employees and their functions, it is in your best interest to seek the guidance of a change management advisor firm. Roadmap for Change R4C Inc. has a team of diversely experienced professionals with credentials and a track record. www.R4C.ca

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