The best employee engagement corrective action

business winningFirst, it is important to know what strategies don’t improve employee engagement, because you probably have tried them and then abandoned them because they didn’t yield immediate results.  Having pizza or an outside Bar-BQ won’t buy productivity and job satisfaction.  Most perks of this nature can be used as embellishments but by themselves won’t make employees productive and engaged.

Engaged employees are committed to performance, as evidenced by their cranking up innovation, customer service and output.  Most studies of employee engagement will reveal that success is achieved by creating an environment in which people can experience autonomy, learning and mastery, while being focused on a meaningful purpose.

Take a hard look at the results of your employee opinion survey that I recommended in my previous article.  Analyze the results as they relate to the employee having autonomy, mastery and purpose. Sometimes you are your own worst enemy by using strategies that actually make engagement worse.  You should critically look at your areas of weakness and with the help of an R4C advisor; create positive action plans to address them.  Your R4C advisor will be a valuable resource to guide you in the proper sequencing and timing of any action plans created to improve engagement and the work culture.  You wouldn’t be the first CEO or GM to jump the gun because of your enthusiasm and not properly staging corrective actions for a successful change.   Roadmap for Change (R4C) are masters of change so contact us before you plan your change initiative.

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