Our clients tell our success stories the best.

DGI Supply Canada Inc. is based in Rexdale, Ontario and is the preferred choice by industrial companies needing supply management and cutting tool technologies. Here is what they had to say about our Roadmap for Change product. DGI letter of recommendation.

C.C. Tatham & Associates Ltd. Is an employee owned engineering consulting firm with four branches in central Ontario.   Here is what we did for them and what they had to say.   CCTA letter of recommendation.

People who have witnessed the service we provide, have this to say:

Sharon Gilmour-Glover, COO at Light-Core:

“Mary Brady has been my “go-to” corporate trainer since 2007. I have never met anyone who worked so seamlessly with our clients, with us and on our behalf. Mary is technically strong, full of integrity, exceptional with groups and can work with clients in any sector. She is easy to collaborate with, generous and a lot of fun to work with as a co-facilitator and as a client.”

Gerard Montocchio, VP Human Resources at Flynn Group of Companies:

“Mary Brady is a valued provider of high quality content and delivery in a number of our Flynn University Programs. She presented a module on Leadership Development and Communication. She was also the key facilitator for our national Service Excellence Program for Roofing Service. I like Mary because she is a good listener, she customizes her content and she is very flexible. Mary has demonstrated the ability to modify her delivery appropriately for the various audiences she has worked with and has always received the highest possible ratings. I really enjoy working with Mary and I cannot recommend her more highly as a training and organization development partner.”

Stephanie Holmes, Director Human Resources at Atria Networks:

“Working with Mary Brady is a pleasure! Mary is a remarkable trainer who possesses the perfect combination of technical expertise, humour, patience and experience. Mary skilfully recommends customized solutions that address current pain points. I value her ability to energize and motivate the attendees during the sessions and to always make the training immediately applicable on the job.”

Brendan McCarthy, Human Resources Manager:

“The coaching sessions with R4C helped be to gain an understanding of myself. What my strengths and weaknesses were and what I needed to do in order to improve on the weaknesses and build on the strengths. The part I enjoyed most about the program were the techniques that I learned have significantly improved the way I handle daily tasks. The part I enjoyed most about the coach was that he gave me the tools to become a better professional and gave me the opportunity to figure things out on my own. They knowO a great deal in the world of HR and has helped me develop and enhance my HR skills.”