Start boosting employee engagement with opinion gathering

surveysEmployee engagement is a hot topic these days and I’m sure you have seen some statistics on it.  In fact, a 2014 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report found 78% of business leader’s rate retention and engagement as urgent or important.

Employee opinion surveys are a great way to get you started.  As a rule they should not be conducted more often than every two years and always using an external company to administer them.  You want confidentiality and the perception of confidentiality to obtain a high degree of participation and openness.  Ideally you want everyone to contribute, with 80-85% participation being considered as acceptable and representative.  You can improve your chances of a high participation level by communicating “why” you are conducting the survey and “what” you are going to do with the results.  It’s important to ask all employees the same questions.  Confidentiality can still be maintained when having responses sorted by either: functional area, geographical area or position level and this information can be invaluable when analyzing the results and creating action plans.

The skillful analysis of the results by an unbiased outside advisor is most important to interpret the results accurately and can put you into a position for quick improvements to your work culture.  By selecting a R4C advisor, you benefit from someone with a broad business background and big picture thinking.  Waiting too long before gathering employee opinions, will only make corrective actions more difficult.  With the advent of services like Survey Monkey, advisors can now offer employee surveys at a very reasonable cost.   Contact us with your number of employees and we can provide a quick quotation.   Watch for my next article about “The best employee engagement corrective action”.

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