Private coaching improves leadership skills

leadership skillsFor those in a leadership position, I will bet that, at times, you are struggling to have enough hours in the day. Time management can often be challenged by your organization’s inability to solve problems correctly the first time, the lack of policies and procedures being followed, poor decision-making or lack of direction and purpose. With your direct reports, you may have employee behavioural issues; finger pointing, conflict, resistance to change, and employees not taking responsibility for their own actions or what their job requires.
To fix some of these issues, we have traditionally attended management workshops to learn of new techniques that might help us make our work day more tolerable. Even before we take that step, often we send our supervisor/manager direct reports for more training. Then we cross our fingers that everything will go more smoothly. Does it, in the long-term?
Training workshops are great for learning about a generic set of skills and if the session is highly interactive, an opportunity for practise is part of the workshop. The negative aspect of classroom training comes from the fact that everyone receives the same training, whether that was a skill that you specifically needed or not. The list of skills required of those in a leadership position is very long, covering areas like communicating to people of varying education, motivating employees close to retirement, mentoring a know-it-all, resolving conflict created from resentment, managing disruptive behaviours, and so on. So, each person getting help with their own immediate need from classroom training is highly unlikely.
One-on-one private coaching is a great way to get customized help in the areas that are needed most. A good coach will also seek out a person’s strengths, so they can be built upon them and use them in a way that helps to correct weaknesses. The coach will work with one or two issues at time, guiding their resolve and following them through to a positive outcome. A fully committed coach will provide a method for touching base by email or phone if needed between coaching sessions. Coaches provide positive reinforcement, correction, and encouragement while empowering the person being coached to come up with their own best solutions. This big picture approach encourages that person to gain the skill and confidence to solve future issues on their own. Naturally there is also an advantage and benefit when the coach provides an objective perspective to issues being discussed.
Learn more about this well-structured coaching program that uses 4 week cycles to help those in a leadership position improve their effectiveness. This very affordable method of training uses the R4C specialty roadmap for the entire coaching process. Email or use for more information.

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