Lunch and Learn training exceeds expectations

R4C has announced more Lunch and Learn training topics being offered in Ontario at your location. In addition to our most popular topic, “Developing your Emotional Intelligence Advantage”, our most recent additions to the list are: Dealing with Change, Building Self-Awareness of Communication Styles, Building a Sales Relationship (DiSC), Turning Conflict into Collaboration, and The […]

Continuous improvement requires generating new ideas

continuous improvement

Progressive organizations wanting to be the best at what they do, will work towards instilling a continuous improvement mindset in all of their employees.  Continuous improvement can start with each person’s own job.  It is sometimes difficult to objectively look at what you do and how you do it, so I have created a list […]

Roadmap for Change helps business change

business change

Our “Roadmap” guides your organization to implement any kind of business change initiative that you identify, along with many other added benefits. R4C incorporates proven processes to: Improve your organization’s ability to be versatile and adaptable to all changes Help you to mold employee mindsets and consequently get the valuable behaviours you desire Improve your […]

Culture change secret revealed

change management

How many of your employees are holding back from taking steps that would improve the performance of your organization simply because they’ve become accustomed to “the way things are done around here”? This is a prime example of an employee mindset that is holding your organization back from achieving greatness.  In our R4C Organizational Effectiveness […]

A good example of organizational change transition

change process

In 2001 when Pierre Beaudoin took over the aerospace division of Bombardier, he admitted that probing culture issues was not an approach that came naturally to an organization that prided itself on its technical expertise.  He says “It was a challenge for me and my leadership team to explain why we were spending so much […]

Winning businesses have a culture that is versatile and adaptable to change

business winning

Charles Darwin’s observation that “the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment” may have become something of a cliché in the literature on change management, but it has never rung more true in the business world. At R4C, we believe that your reaction […]

Essential elements of an organizational culture that is versatile and adaptable

essential elements

Having an organizational culture that is versatile and adaptable when handling change especially, is very valuable in today’s ever-changing and competitive business environment.  These nine elements are extra important if you are transitioning to this type of culture.  You can use this list to do a quick self-evaluation of your current culture and work environment […]

Organizational health is key to long-term success

organizational health

In their book, “Beyond Performance” by Keller and Price, the authors emphazise the importance of looking beyond the traditional performance measures that typically receive the lion’s share of the attention by top level managers.  They strongly imply that organizational health is equally important. An organizations health is its ability to align, execute and renew itself […]

Lunch & Learns in Ontario impact performance

Mini learning sessions at noon

In February 2014, R4C launched the start of a series of Lunch & Learns in Ontario.  Mary Brady and Terry Pringle started with a popular two-part topic, “Emotional Intelligence”, with sessions being held for one of their clients in branch offices of Collingwood, Barrie, Orillia and Bracebridge.   Participants were convinced that developing their Emotional Intelligence […]