The best employee engagement corrective action

First, it is important to know what strategies don’t improve employee engagement, because you probably have tried them and then abandoned them because they didn’t yield immediate results.  Having pizza or an outside Bar-BQ won’t buy productivity and job satisfaction.  Most perks of this nature can be used as embellishments but by themselves won’t make […]

Start boosting employee engagement with opinion gathering


Employee engagement is a hot topic these days and I’m sure you have seen some statistics on it.  In fact, a 2014 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report found 78% of business leader’s rate retention and engagement as urgent or important. Employee opinion surveys are a great way to get you started.  As a rule […]

Private coaching improves leadership skills

leadership skills

For those in a leadership position, I will bet that, at times, you are struggling to have enough hours in the day. Time management can often be challenged by your organization’s inability to solve problems correctly the first time, the lack of policies and procedures being followed, poor decision-making or lack of direction and purpose. […]

Lunch and Learn training exceeds expectations

R4C has announced more Lunch and Learn training topics being offered in Ontario at your location. In addition to our most popular topic, “Developing your Emotional Intelligence Advantage”, our most recent additions to the list are: Dealing with Change, Building Self-Awareness of Communication Styles, Building a Sales Relationship (DiSC), Turning Conflict into Collaboration, and The […]

Changing employee attitudes and employee behaviors takes time

employee mindsets

A great example of employee behaviors is in Keller and Price’s book, Beyond Performance. The gap between intention and action is highlighted in a social science experiment carried out at Princeton theological seminary.  Students were asked questions about their personalities and religious beliefs before being sent across the campus.  On their way, they encountered a […]

Continuous improvement requires generating new ideas

continuous improvement

Progressive organizations wanting to be the best at what they do, will work towards instilling a continuous improvement mindset in all of their employees.  Continuous improvement can start with each person’s own job.  It is sometimes difficult to objectively look at what you do and how you do it, so I have created a list […]

Lunch & Learns in Ontario impact performance

Mini learning sessions at noon

In February 2014, R4C launched the start of a series of Lunch & Learns in Ontario.  Mary Brady and Terry Pringle started with a popular two-part topic, “Emotional Intelligence”, with sessions being held for one of their clients in branch offices of Collingwood, Barrie, Orillia and Bracebridge.   Participants were convinced that developing their Emotional Intelligence […]

Understanding Delegation and Empowerment


Both of these actions are essential to business success but I find that empowerment is the term that is often misunderstood. Delegation is fairly straightforward.  It is the act of granting someone in the lower levels of the organization, responsibility and accountability for decision making.  The key to its success is for management to stand […]

Employee resistance to change

resistance to change

It comes as no surprise that we resist change we don’t like and employee resistance to change is no exception.   Author, Daryl R. Conner claims there are seven main stages whenever a person perceives change as negative from the beginning (they don’t want it and can’t stop it). 1.  Immobilization or shock 2.  Denial […]

Recruiting to be a nimble organization in change transition

nimble organizations

Before reading this article, I suggest reading my previous blog on “Competitively nimble organizations have the advantage”. Recruiting for a nimble organization in change situations can be seen as a Catch 22, because you need the right people to become nimble and then once you are a nimble organization, you will attract more people of […]