Organizational change – Employee mindsets must change first


In doing some research recently, I found an interesting reference related to organizational change. It said, “Chasing behaviour change without addressing mindsets is like playing Whac-A-Mole in an amusement arcade”. One of the key and usually the first methods to change employee mindset on a wide scale is to tell a compelling story. This helps […]

Why you need help with your change management initiative

Roadmap for change

Organizations that are progressive, competitive, expanding or just needing to be compliant are implementing changes to the way they function, all the time. Quite often we see changes being made to: information systems, work methods, customer service, inventory control, working culture, and performance management. Time is a rare commodity, so these changes need to be […]

Diagnostics are eye-opening for managers


Organizational diagnostics are a low cost way of getting a third party perspective of your operating efficiencies in a way that helps you to zero-in on areas that need a booster shot.  Make sure that everything is touched on, such as: how you are structured, systems and processes, planning and goal setting, problem solving, communication […]

Change management requires senior leader’s full commitment


The person at the top provides cues for everyone else in the organization as to what really matters in a change management process.  A senior leader who is perceived as merely paying lip service to an organizational change shouldn’t be surprised when everyone else does the same.  If you fail to model the desired mindsets […]

Changing employee attitudes and employee behaviors takes time

employee mindsets

A great example of employee behaviors is in Keller and Price’s book, Beyond Performance. The gap between intention and action is highlighted in a social science experiment carried out at Princeton theological seminary.  Students were asked questions about their personalities and religious beliefs before being sent across the campus.  On their way, they encountered a […]

Roadmap for Change helps business change

business change

Our “Roadmap” guides your organization to implement any kind of business change initiative that you identify, along with many other added benefits. R4C incorporates proven processes to: Improve your organization’s ability to be versatile and adaptable to all changes Help you to mold employee mindsets and consequently get the valuable behaviours you desire Improve your […]

A good example of organizational change transition

change process

In 2001 when Pierre Beaudoin took over the aerospace division of Bombardier, he admitted that probing culture issues was not an approach that came naturally to an organization that prided itself on its technical expertise.  He says “It was a challenge for me and my leadership team to explain why we were spending so much […]

A word about Organizational Culture and Change

organizational culture

Organizational culture is the working atmosphere that distinguishes one group of people from another and establishes a unique set of formal and informal ground rules for opinions and actions.  The following will help to understand the impact culture has on people: Culture is composed of three components that serve as a guide to what is […]

Employee resistance to change

resistance to change

It comes as no surprise that we resist change we don’t like and employee resistance to change is no exception.   Author, Daryl R. Conner claims there are seven main stages whenever a person perceives change as negative from the beginning (they don’t want it and can’t stop it). 1.  Immobilization or shock 2.  Denial […]

Your Leadership is key to Change Management

change leadership

The single most important factor for enhancing the speed of change is resilience.   Resilient individuals – those who operate at a high speed of change – have an advantage over their less resilient counterparts.  They are able to take on more change without becoming so intellectually, physically and emotionally drained.  This is important to successful […]