Start boosting employee engagement with opinion gathering


Employee engagement is a hot topic these days and I’m sure you have seen some statistics on it.  In fact, a 2014 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report found 78% of business leader’s rate retention and engagement as urgent or important. Employee opinion surveys are a great way to get you started.  As a rule […]

Why you need help with your change management initiative

Roadmap for change

Organizations that are progressive, competitive, expanding or just needing to be compliant are implementing changes to the way they function, all the time. Quite often we see changes being made to: information systems, work methods, customer service, inventory control, working culture, and performance management. Time is a rare commodity, so these changes need to be […]

Diagnostics are eye-opening for managers


Organizational diagnostics are a low cost way of getting a third party perspective of your operating efficiencies in a way that helps you to zero-in on areas that need a booster shot.  Make sure that everything is touched on, such as: how you are structured, systems and processes, planning and goal setting, problem solving, communication […]

Culture change secret revealed

change management

How many of your employees are holding back from taking steps that would improve the performance of your organization simply because they’ve become accustomed to “the way things are done around here”? This is a prime example of an employee mindset that is holding your organization back from achieving greatness.  In our R4C Organizational Effectiveness […]

A good example of organizational change transition

change process

In 2001 when Pierre Beaudoin took over the aerospace division of Bombardier, he admitted that probing culture issues was not an approach that came naturally to an organization that prided itself on its technical expertise.  He says “It was a challenge for me and my leadership team to explain why we were spending so much […]

The importance of organizational culture is heightened

organizational change

Authors Scott Keller and Colin Price, in their book, Beyond Performance, try to get organizations to focus on organizational culture – which is defined as the ability of your organization to align, execute, and renew itself faster than your competitors can.  They believe that this is just as important as focusing on the traditional drivers […]

Quick Assessment of Risk for change management

Are you planning to make a significant organizational change or improvement? If your answer is yes, you may want to test your change plan against the R4C Quick Assessment of Risk questionnaire, to make sure you have all the bases covered.   A download is available here complementary. For further assistance with your change initiative, organizational […]

Nimble organizations thrive on constant change

change management

  Leaders of nimble organizations must do their part to help, through a wide range of continua. Thanks to author Daryl R. Conner in his book,  “Leading at the Edge of Chaos”, he provides this great table of those items most commonly pursued.   Individual effort … Team work Improvisation … Discipline Defined structure … Fuzzy […]

Pick the right time for your change initiative

Are you experiencing frustrations in obtaining sufficient profit or business growth, getting employees to take responsibility for their actions, systems that are lacking,  or projects that don’t finish within budget or the time allotted?  The answer could very well be that a change initiative is warranted but before jumping in with both feet to make […]

Change initiatives must pay dividends

Justify the cost of your change initiatives

When key success factors central to your organization’s goals are correctly identified and skilfully executed, they are said to be “in alignment with” the market’s criteria for prosperity, and your organization is subsequently rewarded.  Key success factors must be orchestrated by sound implementation strategies that address the human responses to change and then measured for […]